How Gabriel Fooled Everyone on Claim To Fame Season 2

Credit: Claim To Fame

Gabriel is a favourite to win Claim to Fame because his fellow participants haven't officially found out his identity yet.

Credit: Claim To Fame

Gabriel has successfully fooled his fellow contestants on Claim to Fame into believing he is related to an NFL star

Credit: Just Jared Jr

However, his genuine related is Nick Cannon, actor, rapper, and The Masked Singer presenter.

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Despite not resembling his star cousin, Gabriel has leveraged this dissimilarity to his advantage on Claim to Fame.

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Gabriel has been the competition's frontrunner, winning back-to-back tasks.

Credit: Reality Blurred

He has built a solid relationship with Chris and has access to crucial puzzle clues in the Wine Room.

Credit: Parade

His strategy and gameplay make him the show's most probable winner.

Credit: Claim To Fame