Police clear pro-Palestine UCLA camp

UCLA campus witnessed a dramatic scene as police cleared out an anti-war encampment late Wednesday night, resulting in over 130 arrests.

Officers forcibly entered the central plaza of the university in the early hours of the morning, dismantling barricades and apprehending individuals who refused to vacate the area.

Video footage captured the intense confrontation, with protesters seen being arrested, kneeling with their hands bound behind their backs.

The clash was marked by the sound of loud explosions, likely stemming from the use of flash-bang charges or stun grenades by law enforcement.

The preceding night saw the encampment facing aggression from pro-Israel supporters, adding to the tension on campus.

President Joe Biden condemned the violence that erupted during the protests on college campuses, underscoring the need for peaceful demonstrations.

The incidents underscore the heightened tensions surrounding the conflict in Gaza, spilling over into university campuses and prompting significant police interventions.